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I’ve been described as everything from a Digital Artisan to an Industry Influencer. Brave, innovative and crazy are all words I’ve been flattered to be associated with.

My single focus isn’t gaining praise though.

I’m out to make work better, make organisations simpler, humanise the digital age and, along the way, contribute to my own and others’ search for meaning in this over-complicated world. I’m a passionate believer that everything stems from conversations and that revolution and evolution are of equal importance.

I write, speak, question and perform on any platform that takes my fancy. I’m equally comfortable in an auditorium, corporate boardroom, or plotting in the pub. We’re all more productive, creative and innovative when we frame our problems, questions or daily tasks in different ways, so creativity forms a major part of what I do.

I approach every day as a new opportunity and I hate being pigeon-holed. Forget what you understand about change management, organisational development, motivation, engagement and the rest of it. Start simple and bring it back to the people.

Let’s have a conversation and see where it takes us… it could change our lives and our work.

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Andy Swann

What I'm Best At

The themes and ideas that I really believe in.

Creating Simple, Better, Human Organisations

Behind the complexity and the structure, there are some amazingly fundamental ways to improve our organisations. Our customers, teams, leaders, shareholders, local communities and the world at large can all benefit, while contributing to greater success.

  • Introducing the Human Organisation
  • The Truth About Values
  • Culture: Evolution not Revolution
  • Building on Trust
  • More Effective Communication
  • Opening up the Organisation

These are just some of the themes that create simpler, better, more human organisations. We can share them as a workshop, a conversation, at an event, or in a more detailed project. The important thing is that we share them at all.

All About People

Finding, keeping and engaging the right people within your organisation is essential. It’s also time to change the way we do it. Even with a few small tweaks, we can make your approach to your people proactive, responsive, far more cost effective… and even enjoyable.

  • Building a Great Employer Brand
  • Social Media for Building Talented Communities
  • Personality-led Recruitment
  • Rethinking Interview and Selection

These all play important parts and we can make a real impact when we look at them creatively. Whether we do that through sharing the ideas in a workshop, assessing where you are now, giving your teams frameworks to build their own approaches, or creating change together in a project, is up to you!

Right Place

Where do you work? Creating the right environment for success involves far more than a pool table or an office slide. From factories to offices, the right workplace is a mixture of:

  • Psychology
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Space
  • Creativity

Whether you’re creating, re-creating or rethinking your physical workplace, the process needs to involve the right conversations across your organisation. Sometimes they’re the ones you don’t realise you need. I can help with that.

Right Actions

Performance is about more than just numbers, there’s a cultural aspect too. As part of my thinking on how organisations approach ‘people things’ I created the My Amazing Team Toolkit. It reflects my belief in the benefits of activity-based working.

  • Identifying Performance Utopia
  • Mapping Skills/ Input
  • Mapping Teams
  • Reviewing Performance
  • Improving/ Increasing Performance

The toolkit is modified for each organisation to reflect its individuality. I’ll share the tools with you, or help you implement them.

Better Communication

Internally and externally, effective communication is essential in engaging our people. Simple, effective and direct are the keywords. Let's create something sustained and consistent that works for you.

  • Chosing Your Platform
  • Getting the Right Methods
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Identifying Your Audience
  • Consistently Engaging People

Getting it right has major benefits. I can help you bring it together, through sharing ideas with you, or working with you to create and implement your strategy.

More Effective Change

Beyond the standard methods and project models around change, there’s a bigger conversation that can really make the difference. Opening discussion and understanding on the personal and organisational reasons, effects and implications creates amazing insight that improves adoption.

  • Questioning
  • Exploring and Reframing
  • Creative Conversation Approaches
  • Unleashed Working
  • Just Enough Structure

Successful change is about more than just the facts. I can supplement your existing change approach and maximise its effectiveness. Let's talk about how we can work together.

Better Change

Taking your organisation, people and work forward isn’t necessarily about disruption or revolution, it’s about framing your challenges in new ways to look at them differently and make things better. Creating progress is about fostering the right conversations and taking the right action. I can help you with that.

  • What is Your Purpose?
  • Freedom within Parameters
  • Engaging Everyone in Progress
  • Creating the Right Conditions
  • Ideas, Methods and Actions that You Own

These are some of the approaches that help you create progress in a well-adopted, sensible way that works for you. We can share them in workshops, start a conversation, or work on an integrated project. The important thing is that we take action.

Better Work

How can people better serve and be better served by their organisations? A clue, it’s usually not about money. It’s about creating communication channels, listening, providing platform and, most importantly, a purpose. Organisations have personalities, I help people find the common ground.

Conversation, facilitation, coordination. Human creativity and openness is far more interesting and successful than traditional methods and models at making work better. I believe in unleashing work and I know first-hand how productive people are when they’re happy.

Better Organisations

Simple, human, connected. I sit somewhere between HR, Internal Coms and the Workplace (FM), focussed on people, place and the actions they take. I open conversations, improve performance, create innovation in finding, keeping and engaging, facilitate culture, simplify process, review structure, gain insight and help organisations be better.

I’m comfortable asking difficult questions, getting to the real issues, looking people in the eye and most importantly, creating reconciliation. I don’t come with pre-learned models of ‘the way things are done,’ I come with an open mind and the experience to create something effective.

There are lots of ways to do this and they can be as exhilarating as they are fun.

Speaking and Writing

I speak on the topics I’m passionate about – you can find most of them on this website. From small groups to large conferences, if I’m excited others will be too. I have a short attention span, so I like to make it as interactive, innovative, creative or unique as I can. It’s all about the message and I take every offer to speak as an offer to perform.

I write for my own enjoyment and hopefully to give others insight. I’m not a preacher – one man’s fact is another’s fiction. My aim is to stimulate ideas, thought or conversation. I’m open to offers from guest blogging to major publications and I’m always buzzing with ideas. If you'd like to commission me, or book me to speak, let's talk.

Project Associations and Sponsorship

I work on projects to explore everything from how we work, to my own health and wellbeing. I’m interested in people and continuing to expand my presence on various social and digital platforms as a means to share my findings.

Brand storytelling, sponsorships, endorsements, commissioned projects and product reviews are all things I’ll consider associating with my projects - if the opportunity and purpose is right. While I do my work because I love it, the experience and the insight my projects create, I do also need to pay the bills. This can be a win-win way to do it.

Where I Create Impact

  • Innovative Change and Organisational Development.
  • Recruitment and Retention Innovation.
  • Driving People-Focussed Organisations.
  • Developing Culture, Engagement and Purpose.
  • Stimulating Conversation and Communication.
  • Spreading Ideas Through Speaking and Writing.
  • Fostering Creativity in Organisations and Their People.
  • Telling Human Stories and Creating Insight.
  • Providing a Different Perspective.
  • Working and Living Out Loud.

Better Value/ Better Payments

Pay What I'm Worth

What if we worked together and you paid me what you think my worth is work?

In terms of value for money and making sure you’re hiring effective services that make a real, positive impact, it’s unbeatable. If we do this, you’ll know I trust you, too.

But, can you get that through procurement? How can you budget for it? This is a far better way to work for us all, but to make it succeed will take a new way of thinking.

Payment Without Money

There was a time before business, where the world worked on exchange. Let’s take it back there.

Say I need a new car? You, as a car manufacturer have a big change project you need input into. Instead of paying me, you give me a car, I give you work that you feel is of equivalent (or greater) value.

This is a more beneficial way for you to reward my work and I get something I need. I also get to experiment with the intricacies of how the tax man deals with it – which creates some excellent insight for The Work Project.


There are certain pieces of work and projects I’d like to work on. While I'll take sponsorship, maybe none of my current projects fits your aims. But there is something you need.

What if your organisation donated some money to help me achieve my goals?

In return, I could reciprocate by doing some work with you. It could be a defined, existing need, or we could collaborate on something completely unique.

Read more about the idea here.

I Work. It's Just Different.

I know what I do is important. I know it creates value. I know my input creates impact.

The organisations, brands and individuals who could benefit most from my work are those who don’t for a second believe they need it. But the ones I love to work with are those who acknowledge they can be better, that the world is changing, recognise that there’s opportunity for progress and allow themselves to be challenged.

My work spans everything from the way organisations operate, perform, succeed and even advertise, right through to how they put a smile on people’s faces. I work with others when I need to and I’m privileged to know and trust some amazing and generous collaborators.

Look on me as a renegade soldier of fortune who is always ready to pull together the right army. Oh, I don’t take myself too seriously either.

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