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The Dawn of Simple

Genuine ideas while parodying a genre. Pushing myself to finish my first book.

I can see the dawn of simpler, more human organisations, focussed on their people and understanding that they are central to success. It’s happening now.

I’m often frustrated by the preachy nature of business books by ‘gurus’ who sell themselves as experts and their words as fact.

The combination of the above has inspired me to write a book. But I don’t want to write a standard ‘business book,’ so I’ve created a project to make it something more. Working title The Dawn of Simple, this is going to be part my very real ideas and observations, part parody on the genre and will also feature input and insight from very real innovators in this arena.

Here’s a sneak preview of the introduction…

Dip in, dip out, read it all in order, use it or ignore it. Love it, or equally, vocally hate it – reaction is great and so is conversation. If it works for you, use the ideas here to disprove them and galvanise that what you’re doing is right. If you want, use these ideas as a blueprint for creating your amazing, human, organisation. If you want, use it to prop up the corner of your wobbly beech-effect corner desk.

The ideas are put out there for the sake of being out there. Take them, run with them, or venomously disprove them. In all honesty, they’re my own interpretation and amalgamation of ideas I’ve been given, soaked up and translated through my years of increasing confusion as an employee, business owner and human being. I have no real ownership of them, or any desire to create a management consultancy business out of them.

I just like to ask why?

This is a book. It’s a collection of words and, just like fiction (who says this isn’t complete fiction?) or any other art form, the value is in your interpretation and its effect on you.

These are words on a page. My words. There are also words from other people whose opinion I really value.

I’m not a guru. I just like giving out.

Once I’m done with the draft, I’m going to be sharing chapters and excerpts for feedback and review as I move on to preparing the book for publishing. If you’d like to take part, please sign up to my mailing list below.

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