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Is it really possible to live solely within the sharing economy?

The Sharing Economy is used to describe new approaches to living and working, based on exchange. I want to find out if it's possible to exist in this new economy and make your living from it.

After embarking on The Work Project, I started to hear more and more about the Sharing, Collaborative and Gig Economies, with these definitions all loosely pointing towards a new approach to working and living, based on mutual exchange. Air BnB is often cited as an example of this new sharing, where people 'share' their free space in return for money. While there are sharing platforms emerging for everything from shopping to eating, it's where this impacts the way we work that I'm particularly interested.

There are many platforms already in this space and receiving equal amounts of praise and criticism as both the future and destruction of work as we know it. I'd just like to make some sense of it all and find out whether someone with responsibilities and a young family can find an alternative way to live and earn a living through these opportunities, or whether there's a darker side to it.

I shared some thoughts in a brief blog post to kick this sub-project off and will continue to share my findings, but the big question is this:

What will it take for me to earn £4,000 through the sharing economy?

The only way to find out is by immersing myself in the collaborative world!

Starting a Small Experiment in the Sharing/ Gig/ Collaborative Economy…
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