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Get Ready for a New Kind of Event.

June 11th-12th 2015, Bournemouth UK

In June 2014 I arranged an event. All About People 2014 brought together thought leaders, speakers, presenters and disruptors with a shared passion for creating amazing, happy workplaces that thrive. From company culture to space design, employee engagement, wellness, responsiveness, creativity, leadership and more - we listened, played, shared ideas, challenged, debated, discussed, connected and socialised.

I’d never organised anything like this before and although I did it because I was passionate about better work and better workplaces, my eyes were opened as I discovered and met amazing people doing amazing things. All About People set me off on my current adventures in the world of work and workplace.

It was one of those times when you can honestly say something happened. Informal and idealistic it may have been, it was definitely human, but most importantly, it was a lot of fun.

We need to do it again! But this time with more confidence.

Work, people and place are the things I care about and this year I’ve had the privilege to meet many others who share the same passions. The task for next year is to create the ultimate event to drive the future of work and organisations. We’ll be turning the volume up to eleven – and there are some amazing collaborators. Expect the polar opposite of a corporate conference.

The launch announcement (and a name change) will happen with a video post on YouTube on January 5th. Tickets will be available from that moment!

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