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Make it Simpler. Make it Better.

I am The Work Project

No Compromise.

Better Work. Better Organisations.

Human is the Future

It's all about the right conversations.

Experimenting to find a better way.

Humanising the Digital Age

Creating, telling and living the story.

Better work, better organisations, better conversations... better world.

Better Work

People with purpose are far more productive. Every individual, team and organisation benefits from the right people, doing the right things, in the right workplaces. It's time to unleash work, for everyone's sake.

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Better Orgs

Simpler, more human organisations are the future. Evolution or revolution, change is happening. I believe that the rise of the human workplace is unstoppable and I'm helping organisations find their place in this brave new world.

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Social Projects

I believe in humanising the digital age, understanding more about who we are and how we interact, playing with ideas and looking at structures. So I create projects - some small, some over-ambitious, all with a purpose.

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Find Meaning

We live in a strange world, where a single question hangs over our entire existence - 'why?'. We're all constantly searching for meaning in our work, lives and the world around us - I just happen to vocalise my search as I go.

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On The Work Project
“By breaking the rules of work, I believe he will have a much more interesting time, more Technicolor relationships and undoubtedly some surprising rewards for the work that he does.

Am going to cheer from the sidelines and hope it is as extraordinary as it sounds and inspires more folk to claim their freedom.”
Chris Barez-Brown, Upping Your Elvis.
The Story So Far

My career to date has included (in no particular order) journalism, service and project management, relatively senior public sector roles, business ownership, creative and tech industries, recruitment, scotch eggs, Little Chef, a paper round, event organising and a bit of speaking. I’ve become fascinated with ‘work’ as a concept, but –like many- I haven’t always enjoyed working.

I'm not conventional and I'm hard to pigeon hole. The thoughts, ideas and approaches I've developed are based on my own experiences, successes and failures. In Summer 2014, just as I was preparing to launch a creative consultancy business around finding, keeping and engaging amazing teams and building amazing organisations, a few things happened...

The aftermath of an event I organised, the impact of a TED talk I watched and a fateful conversation at a summer barbecue set me off on this adventure.

Better work, better organisations, better conversations - no compromise. We CAN change for the better... I'm ready to lead the charge.

I'm living work, organisations, the digital age and the world we live in, experiencing and shaping them firsthand. I'm looking into the eyes of the future of work and staring it down. I believe all of these things can be better and I'm giving everything I can to make it so. I'm living my life in a new way to try and create an impact.

I want to make work better for everyone and see organisations benefit from realising that people, individuals, humans are at the centre of everything they do. I believe this all starts with the right conversations.

We're all on a perpetual search for meaning in our lives - I'm no exception, I'm just searching out loud.

Forget what if, I'm out to make IF happen.

I approach all of this with an open mind - anything can be an opportunity, or a distraction.

I want to make work better, organisations better, education better and contribute, in some way, to a more human world. I'm happy to put myself out there in the hope people can get something from my experiences. I'm also ready to share my knowledge, ideas and speak out where I need to.

There are no plans or preconceptions, part of this is to prove that the conventional definition of a career is changing. Part of it is to help organisations move in the right direction. Part of it is about me answering a call.

My Known Skills
Work/ Workplace Future
Human Organisations
Speaking, Writing
Catalysing Conversation
Progressive Change/ OD
Creative Ideas
Making Things Happen
Telling Stories
Humanising the Digital Age
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