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The best way to stick to a resolution is to declare it publicly and capture it on video!

Like many others, each year I start with the best of intentions and watch as my resolutions fade into old habits. I decided 2015 will be different.

I've created a resolution to share in a daily video diary. Hopefully it will inspire others to join in and together we can make a positive start to 2015!

I’ll be posting the first video with full details on December 30th. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date.


After starting my fitness drive, I realised that a daily video was very time consuming and I also thought that it might get a bit boring for people. As I result, I stopped making them.

Various people then came to me and spoke about how the resolution had inspired them in some way. So I decided to start the videos again as a monthly update...

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Resolution in Action

Some of the videos...