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I'm so out of love with email, I've resigned from it for 2015 (I hope forever).

After a busy couple of weeks during November 2014, I finally got round to sorting out my inbox. Finding well over 1,000 emails to sort through, I ended up largely pressing ‘delete’. As a result I missed a few important emails, but realised that they had already been missed over the preceding days amongst the noise of spam, promotional and unnecessary messages.

A mountain of emails had created stress I didn’t need, proved to be ineffective for communication and just felt boring. There must be a better way to communicate.

Having met Claire Burge over the summer and heard about her experiment in eradicating email from her business, I realised it’s possible. How easy it will be as an individual who communicates with the outside world for both business and personal reasons, is a question I’m looking forward to answering.

I posted the article where I made my declaration on both Medium and LinkedIn, where responses differed markedly. I’ve received responses both in favour of my stance and in favour of email and I’ve happily conceded that my approach to managing email is part of my frustration with it.

Even so, as someone who believes in humanising the digital age and looking at the platforms for communication we now have, for me, personally, there is a better way to manage my messages. So I’m going to make a stand.

From January 1st 2015, unless unavoidable, no more email. I’ll document my progress and have already made my predictions. I’m looking forward to a less stressful, less overwhelmed, more communicative and more productive year.

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My thoughts and aims

A Better Way to Communicate

As of January 1st 2015, I will attempt to stop using email. I’ll put an auto-respond on every email account I have and not check emails except in exceptional circumstances. I will only use non-email forms of communication unless it’s completely unavoidable.

More Productive

Well-controlled, appropriate communication, addressed in a timely manner will revolutionise my life and my work. I need to be more productive in 2015. Moving away from email and discovering better tools for productivity will be the key to that.

More Relaxed

When I'm busy, getting behind with emails compounds the problem and contributes to any stress I might feel. An exponentially increasing number of unread emails, losing the important amongst the unnecessary - I can do without all that. I want to enjoy communicating, not dread it. This is my way to do just that.

More Fun

Email is a very boring medium. It's unresponsive and staid. I want appropriate communication for personal or business. There are so many options out there - I need to go out and find the ones that work for me.

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