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Performing Unleashing John: Unwilling Production Manager at Workplace Trends 2014, London.

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Work Bio

Andy Swann cares about the future of work and the future of the organisations we work in. He believes things can be better, simpler and is making it his mission to be a leading voice in the call to action.

Part digital artisan, social artist and workplace innovator, he has arrived here via a work life that has taken in everything from manufacturing Scotch Eggs to Senior Management – and a whole lot in between. He is welcoming a future of simpler, more human workplaces, where collective conscience drives positive impact on the world.

On his own perpetual search for meaning, Andy is creating a range of social projects as he goes.

You can connect with him and his work at www.iamtheworkproject.com.

About The Work Project

Following a fateful conversation at a barbecue, Andy Swann decided that the only way to make work better for everyone was to change his relationship with it. He created an experiment, with himself as the subject – The Work Project.

Removing himself from all standard structures of work, he is attempting to find a way to earn a living and support his young family, while examining the standards, structures and perceptions we place around the concept of ‘work’.

Follow his progress and play your part in the project at www.iamtheworkproject.com.

Personal Bio

Andy Swann lives with his wife and four young children in the North Dorset countryside, enjoying the air and proving that you can work anywhere in the world from a base anywhere else. With a background in Demographics (Populations Studies, LSE), he has always been fascinated in the way we interact as humans, how we connect and the way we work.

When he’s not living his projects, Andy is the drummer in The Social, vinyl fan, and occasionally rises to physical challenges.

Although he’s given up email for 2015, you can connect with him on social media or via www.iamtheworkproject.com.