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Better Education

Creating a school that prepares our youth for the real world, not just exams.

Life is about more than the ability to pass exams. Most of it we fail to teach via the education system that dictates conformity of thought and action are the keys to succeed. We’re moving into a more human future where business is, more than ever, about personality and your chances of employment are more about you as a person- not the pieces of paper you carry.

My own dissatisfaction with the way schools operate is longstanding. I’ll document the issues I remember and those I’m encountering as my children enter the early stages of their education as the project develops, but there’s another side to this. During 2014 I met some amazing people, doing staggering things in the world of learning and personal development. Their ideas are progressive, logical and proven – many of them would translate extremely well to a school environment.

The idea of a progressive Free School is one that’s been kicking around in my mind for a while, but after seeing an image showing how classroom layout has changed very little since the nineteenth century, I realised it was time to start doing something about it.

I started talking and immediately I found collaborators.

This project will take time and it’s at a very early stage. It needs input, from anyone who cares how our children are educated. The Free School model gives us an opportunity to do something amazing, but this needs to be done properly.

I’d love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved, in any way at all.

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My thoughts and aims

Making Education Better

I wrote a piece back in January 2014 for a competition run around the #SKILLS2014 Summit. I didn’t win. At the time I was convinced I needed to start a Free School, but I didn’t develop the idea. After Meaning Conference 2014, I’m now 110% sure that we’re mis-educating our children and I’m going to do something about it.


We need to create an environment that celebrates individuality and gives purpose to every student. Offering a safe, accepting environment to discover who you are, where you want to go and being given the support to go and make it happen.


Confidence in communication, self-belief without arrogance and a work ethic to succeed are not central points in a standard education. Couple that with careers advice by numbers, that tells you to aim low and we have apathy. That needs to be changed.


Applying learning in the real world is the whole point of education. It’s the end result. As things stand, the academic world is detached from the commercial. By the time skills and theories reach students, they are either outdated or taught in a way that can’t be practically applied. We need empowered people, ready and able to take their place in the world.

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