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What happens when you connect with 100 strangers, then connect them with each other?

After noticing a pattern where new followers on Twitter didn’t want to engage in conversation, I started thinking a lot about the value of real, human connection in the digital age and how to foster conversation. I was prompted to write a blog post and declared that I’d engage my next 100 followers on Twitter in conversation via one simple question:

How can I support you?

After I wrote the post on Medium, I thought nothing of it, expecting my usual trickle of 2-3 new followers every day or two and a few interesting conversations with them. But after Medium Tweeted my post to their followers, I suddenly gained 200 followers in under an hour.

What followed was a crazy learning curve and a project that continues to unfold in interesting and dynamic ways. It’s telling me a lot about the way we interact as humans, about the value of altruism, my personal failings, friendship, communication and much more. It’s a fascinating study on what it is to be human in the digital age.

This project has taken me a lot of time to fully understand and it will only really start to show itself and start to tell stories in 2015. I’d love as much input and thought as I can get, not only from the #100Connections themselves, but from anyone who has an idea for the project.

I'm writing as things develop and over time there will be other content. See below for links to the Medium Collection and also keep up on Twitter #100Connections.

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